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Moving to Hertfordshire. Relocating to Hertfordshire is easy with Spice.

Moving to Hertfordshire with Spice London

Spice London activities and social club is a great way to meet like-minded people, make new friends and have fun exploring the area you now live in when you are moving to Hertfordshire.  There is no better way to break the ice when relocating to Hertfordshire and get chatting to new people than to share an abseil, or join forces in a quiz team, or take part in a dinner shuffle.  There are hundreds of events to choose from.

Relocating to Hertfordshire

Spice London take care to ensure we have events that appeal to all tastes and preference, if you are new to Hertfordshire you will find a full range of different activities so that everyone can find something fulfilling and enjoyable to do.

  • Regular pub socials, 
  • Regular Badminton and Tennis,
  • Meals out and Dinner Shuffles,
  • Horse Riding,
  • Adventure Activities,
  • Walks,
  • Parties,  
  • Pub Quizes
  • As well as some unique and unusual events for anyone looking for that extra excitement.

New to Hertfordshire

We know that making friends when you are new to Hertfordshire isn’t always a simple process.  That’s why we offer a wide range of activities and social events for our members to pick and choose from.  This attracts a wide range of different people, all with their own interests – so moving to Hertfordshire or relocating to Hertfordshire becomes a whole lot easier!

For a full list of the events we host, visit our Events page – soon enough you’ll be showing others how to make the most of moving to Hertfordshire.

If you are relocating to Hertfordshire then making new friends can begin right now – simply request an Information Pack and start making friends with Spice London.

Member Testimonial

"Lost for words! I joined Spice in 1989 and during that time done so many wonderful events and made so many firm friends. The 25th Anniversary ball was a wonderful occassion, such attention to detail. A huge thank you and heres to the next 25 years!"

- Sue G - Manchester (M259)

Member Testimonial

"I have found the organisation inspirational over the last ten years...."

- Paul S - Beds (B348)