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Check out our fabulous Overseas Holidays organised by Spice UK


Holiday with a group of like minded Spice members and share your amazing adventures, with the fantastic range of holidays from Spice UK.  We do everything from Beach Chill-Outs to Rafting the Grand Canyon, from Cooking in Chianti to Sports holidays in Lanzerote.

You can now book your holidays online.  Please contact the Spice UK office on 0161 873 8788 or e-mail for your unique Spice UK membership number.  (This is different to your local group member reference). You do not have to login in order to browse the holidays on our web site.

You may also contact the Spice UK office for a full information pack about specific holidays and to book on 0161 873 8788. 

Spice London Ski trips


Our Ski trips are a great way to get off to the slopes we usually get between 30-50 members on each trip. You can be sure you will always have a group of Spice buddies of similar ability to ski with, It may be tackling that crazy black or pottering about on a gentle green before a hot chocolate stop.  Our sking is also very social off the pistes, we often meet up for a drink before the final run and then again after dinner.

This year we had two brilliant trips to Les Arc & Verbier.  Sadly the 2014 Ski season is now over but we are already planning our 2015 season.  In fact we have already booked St Anton in Austria for January, a favorite with Spice London members & we are still deciding where to go for our March trip.  Keep an eye on our web-site we will be posting details soon!